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Individual Member Annual



You will receive customized visits, access to your primary care doctor you desire, executive medical evaluations, discounts on medications, future medical planning, memory screening, and other memory-related services if needed. We will custom tailor your diet, exercise, and medications to fit your specific needs.

Age 55-60, annual price: $2000 

Snowbird rate for <6months annually: $2000 (for those who reside in 2 states)

Age 61 and older, annual price: $2800


Family Member


A discounted rate is offered to couples 61 and older wishing to join our practice together.

You and your loved one will receive the same personalized healthcare from our fellowship-trained geriatric medicine specialist doctors.


One Time Consultation


During a memory consultation

we will assess your specific needs from the perspective of doctors with expertise in geriatric medicine. We offer memory/cognitive screening, driving aptitude testing, advanced care planning, and medication customization.

Polypharmacy and Geriatric Assessment.

We will review all of your medications, evaluate their risks and benefits, and possible medication interactions. We will evaluate your overall health and provide education and an individualized plan of care that we will send to your primary care provider.


Your life, your time 



Polypharmacy: So many pills!

"Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them."

C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD

Taking multiple medications several times a day can feel overwhelming. Geriatricians specialize in reducing pill burden and decreasing medications when possible, as well as educating you on the ones you need. We enjoy coordinating care with your specialists, such as your cardiologist or urologist, and also with any nutritionist or integrative provider you may have to manage supplements or other treatments. 


Memory Program

"Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always."


Geriatricians have expertise in diagnosing and managing memory problems and promoting your quality of life. We offer support to caregivers and family members to prevent burnout and find meaning in caregiving. We also help you determine when more assistance is needed for everyday activities and help you evaluate and choose an assisted living or skilled nursing facility if the need comes.


As required by legal statutes and regulations, your insurance will be billed for medical services. Our consultation services will not bill your insurance

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