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Memory loss can be more than a slight challenge in your daily life. If you struggle to remember details more than just every once in a while, Kate Marshall, MD, Golnosh Sharafsaleh, MD, MS, AGSF, FAAFP, and their highly trained team at Golden Oak Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina, diagnose and provide the necessary care for memory loss in patients over 55. To schedule a memory loss evaluation, call Golden Oak Medicine or book an appointment online today.

Memory Loss Q&A

What is memory loss?

Memory loss refers to trouble remembering events or small details. Some mild forgetfulness is common in everyone, and it tends to increase with age for most people. However, severe or progressive memory loss can indicate an underlying condition and can be permanent. 

If your memory loss is mild, it might help to start keeping a calendar, checklist, address book, or other organizational tools to keep track of useful information. However, strategies like these won’t help much in cases of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia that progress with age. 

Which conditions cause memory loss?

Mild memory loss can come from numerous events and health conditions such as sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, thyroid dysfunction, head injuries, and migraines. These conditions are treatable, and the memory loss may even be reversible.

Severe memory loss with age usually comes from dementia, a progressive condition that can stem from other diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia can impact your reasoning skills, organization, judgment, language, and mood. 

Most individuals with dementia struggle with short-term memories initially and may retain long-term memories for years. Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia tend to develop after age 65 but can affect you earlier. 

When should I seek help for memory loss?

If you have any concerns about memory loss, or if a loved one has expressed concerns to you about memory loss, you should schedule an appointment at Golden Oak Medicine. 

The team asks you a series of questions about your memory loss and when it started. It may benefit you to bring along a friend or family member who spends sufficient time with you to help answer the questions. 

How is memory loss treated?

The team at Golden Oak Medicine can diagnose the cause or causes of your memory loss. They can treat mild memory loss by changing your medications or treating underlying conditions like hormone imbalances and sleep deprivation. 

For more serious and progressive cases of memory loss, like dementia, personalized care can help manage symptoms and slow the disease’s progression. While dementia has no cure, a care plan might involve:

  • A nutritious diet
  • Medications to temporarily improve symptoms
  • Occupational therapy
  • Safety modifications to your home environment
  • Structure and routine at home

While treating dementia and other severe forms of memory loss can be a challenge, the team at Golden Oak Medicine is here to support you and your family through the changes. 

To schedule an appointment for memory loss concerns, call Golden Oak Medicine or book an appointment online today.