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About Golden Oak Medicine


About Golden Oak Medicine

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Golden Oak Medicine is a superior geriatrics practice led by Kate Marshall, MD, Golnosh Sharafsaleh, MD, MS, MBA, CPE, AGSF, FAAFP, and their expert team in Asheville, North Carolina. In a comfortable, clean, friendly environment, they offer excellence in primary medical care for patients ages 55 and older.

The skilled providers at Golden Oak Medicine promote exceptional health, well-being, independence, and the highest quality of life possible for patients. Board-certified geriatricians guide patients to maintain healthy, happy, independent lives through a personalized, patient-centered, goal-driven approach.

After their primary medical training, the providers at Golden Oak Medicine completed additional fellowship training. They’re fully trained medical doctors who are board-certified in internal medicine or family medicine, as well as geriatric medicine.

Dr. Marshall and Dr. Sharafsaleh excel in meeting the healthcare needs of older adults, including those with complex medical conditions, multiple medications, memory loss (dementia), frailness, and mobility problems.

The Golden Oak Medicine team specializes in preventive medicine and primary care membership-based services. Patients struggling with illnesses, injuries, diseases, or memory problems can rely on them for top-quality care at every age.

Dr. Marshall, Dr. Sharafsaleh, and their highly trained team compassionately welcome all patients to Golden Oak Medicine and look forward to caring for them.


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Primary Care

The Golden Oak Philosophy

"Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity."


Dedicated Doctors, Exceptional Care

Drs. Marshall and Sharafsaleh strive to promote health, well-being, and independence through high-quality, compassionate medical care. We aim to exceed your expectations of primary care physicians! We deliver unparalleled care by educating, advising, and supporting our patients, their families, and caregivers. Through an accessible personalized approach, you receive the care that matters most to you.


Our Blog

We are constantly educating our patients and the general public. Click Below to learn more about geriatric medicine and well-being.



Our core values as your physicians

  • Excellence in the care we provide

  • Compassion in our approach to your care

  • Honesty in our discussions with you

  • Focusing on your Well-being

  • Providing patient-centered, personalized care

Golden Oak Model of Care

Primary Care

"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease." 

-Sir William Osler

We specialize in providing medical care to those age 55 and over. Whether you are independent, healthy, robust, and mentally sharp and looking to maintain and improve your health, or experiencing medical conditions including memory problems, dementia, frailty, and mobility issues, we are here for you. As your double board-certified geriatricians, we will support you in your individual healthcare goals.

 We provide private direct primary care services at our office in South Asheville for patients 55+, harnessing the unique value of “concierge” style practices. This includes in-depth annual and follow-up exam services, enhanced with same or next day exam supportive communication services available 24/7, all year long.

With your annual fee, you will receive an annual comprehensive examination that goes in-depth into and supports:

  • Year-long wellness coaching,

  • Interdisciplinary physician support (this means both doctors will review your medical information - like having 2 experts caring for you!)

  • Care optimization

This annual examination, well beyond what any healthcare insurance plan covers or reimburses, will allow Drs. Sharafsaleh and Marshall—both double-board certified geriatricians—work directly with you all year toward your annual exam-based health optimization goals. 

At Golden Oak, your private fees are invested into this robust and unique care model, which detaches the practice from dependence on healthcare insurance plan revenues and restrictions on how care can be delivered. That means our exams and exam follow-up consultations and year-long support are not hurried or limited based on plan reimbursement requirements. This is how medicine is meant to be practiced, where your doctor has time for you and you feel supported! Golden Oak limits the number of patients accepted into their program, which allows the practice to provide same or next-day appointments and focused attention on you, your needs, and your health objectives. While annual fees are not designed to be reimbursable by Medicare or other plans, Golden Oak can and will also provide plan-covered additional healthcare to the extent Golden Oak is in-network with the patient’s plan. 

The goal is to deliver exceptionally high connection care all year long based on the annual exam and related communication services that are not dependent on medical necessity or need. We check you comprehensively every year, regardless of your condition, to better manage health challenges. 

Care Provided by Board Certified Geriatricians

Geriatricians are fully trained medical doctors board certified either in internal medicine or family medicine.

After their primary training, geriatricians receive additional fellowship training at an accredited facility.

These doctors have training in the health needs of older adults, including complex medical conditions, use of multiple medications, frailty, memory loss, and mobility issues.


Golden Oak Medicine
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