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Primary Care Services


Our primary care services include

  • Access to your physicians - by phone, text, or email, same-day appointments, and urgent visits,

  • Longer Appointments – Our appointments last as long as they need to, to address all needs and questions. Our patients are not rushed out of the office, our routine appointments are can last up to one hour, and new patient visits last longer. 

  • House Calls – For our patients living in the Asheville area, if you are sick or injured, wouldn’t it be nice to have the doctor come to see you instead of the other way around?

  • Preventative Health Care – Our goal is to prevent illness, and help our patients live healthy lives. Having appropriate screening tests can help our patients achieve that goal. 

  • Memory Care- We are dementia specialists! Our primary care services also include all of our memory care services. We want to ensure our patients are screened and treated appropriately if they are experiencing memory issues. We also provide additional support to family caregivers of patients suffering from dementia. 

  • Cancer Screening - age-appropriate cancer screening is vital to our long-term well-being. 

  • Coaching and Stress Management – Having a healthy mindset can ensure our patients remain healthy and it is the core of practicing holistic medicine. 

  • Mental Health – we recognize that mental health is a significant part of our wellbeing and an extremely undertreated part of normal healthcare. We strive to address all mental health issues, however impactful and offer a number of services in this regard.

  • Health, Fitness, Diet, Weight Loss – We are big believers in living a balanced healthy life. We believe that the best approach to treating disease is by also practicing healthy daily living. Since the aging process is different for every individual, and age is a continuum, we individualize each client's needs to help them achieve optimal success. 

  • Care Coordination- We personally coordinate care when our patients are seen by other specialists. When our patients are hospitalized, we coordinate care with the hospital, and we often visit our patients in the local Asheville hospital. 

  • Home Care - We recognize that our patients value living at home for as long as possible, and we make every effort to assist them with that goal. We provide assistance with setting up home nursing and home caretakers for those in need – whether it is short-term after an acute illness or long-term care for those with chronic conditions or dementia, we help set up and accommodate for all the needs of our patients.

  • End of Life Care – As geriatricians, we specialize in end-of-life care, during this delicate time, we pay personal attention to our patient's needs by ensuring comfort, and eliminating uncomfortable symptoms. We additionally provide our patient's loved ones with support and guidance.


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